Marten 0.4 has been officially released!

Marten 0.4 has been officially released! :rocket: :tada:

Marten is a Crystal web framework that makes building web applications easy, productive, and fun. The latest 0.4 release of the framework introduces new and long-awaited features such as generators, facilitating the creation of abstractions and structures within projects while following best practices. Additionally, the release also introduces a plethora of advancements such multi-table inheritance, new schema handler callbacks, and the ability to define URL and slug fields in models and schemas. This update is a major step forward, making web development with Marten more user-friendly and feature-rich. You can check out the full changelog for a comprehensive overview of all the new features and changes included in this release. Last but not least, the 0.4 release is also accompanied by a RealWorld demo project to demonstrate a fully-fledged fullstack application built with the framework.