Meet Crystal - Ruby's compiled younger sibling - RubyConf Indonesia 2017

We all know Ruby is awesome, many of us fell in love with its simplicity. But what about speed? Like many interpreted languages Ruby is not known for its speed. What if you have a language as expressive and simple as ruby yet blazingly fast? That's Crystal Lang for you, Fast as C and Slick as Ruby

This is a talk at RubyConf Indonesia 2017. October 6th & 7th Jakarta

Clear: advanced ORM between postgreSQL and Crystal

Clear ORM is an ORM built on top of PostgreSQL. And about functionality, Clear is definitely on top:

  • Expressive where query building (like Sequel!)
  • N+1 query caching
  • Colored request outputed in the log on debug level ! :-)
  • CTE, locks, cursors and other advanced PG features are packed in !
  • Migration system with integrated PostgreSQL subtilities (e.g. Foreign Key)
  • Automatic presence validator through the columns declaration: Using Type? notation tell Clear that your column doesn't need to be present
  • Mostly based on modules and not inheritance: Plug in your project and play!
  • Customizable fields converter ("serializer") DB <-> Crystal
  • Native integration of different PG structures (Thank's to PG gem !)