What is Crystal [ANN] ?

It is a resource where you can announce Crystal's programming language stuff you have created. A place where you can easily share with others:

  • a new project or its release
  • a blog post
  • a conference or meetup
  • a video, screencast or podcast
  • or any other cool work that relates to Crystal programming language

It is built with Amber Web Framework and itself is a great example of Crystal's awesomeness.

Why should I post my stuff here ?

Crystal [ANN] is intended to spread your announcement with community. Your announcement will appear on this website, on Twitter and distributed over RSS. People being interested will not miss it.

How can I help/contribute ?

Crystal [ANN] is very young and grows together with Crystal programming language. To make it more popular and fun you can:

  1. Announce your work
  2. Follow it on Twitter
  3. Give it a star, report an issue or propose a change on GitHub
  4. Love Crystal ;)