Lucky updated to support 0.34.0

Lucky's official shards have now been updated with support for Crystal 0.34.0. Lucky itself was already compatible with 0.34.0

To get it, just run shards update and you should be good to go. It also supports 0.33.0 so feel free to update now in anticipation of using 0.34.0 when you're ready to upgrade

Term::Reader - Pure Crystal Readline implementation

Well that's the best way I can describe it anyway. In reality, Term::Reader makes no attempt to be like GNU Readline other than the obvious similarities between the two. What it does provide is a cross platform (minus Windows of course) way to receive user input, manage history, and more.

For now you can check it out here, but I do plan on either making a video or writing a full blog post about it later this week.

Finally getting some videos up!

I'm finally getting some Crystal related videos recorded and posted to my YouTube channel. Unfortunately the first video was plagued by a terrible echoing issue, but the second is better. Both I still think are worth watching though.

Eventually I'll get some actual Crystal language tutorials up, but I need to plan a little more for that. For now, here are the two videos I got up today:

Are You Feeling Lucky: Getting Started with the Lucky Framework

Telegram Bot Development with Tourmaline: Getting Started