Bifrost: Simple and fast websocket server

Bifröst is a standalone websocket server written in Crystal. It’s easy to use and works with any server side language that can use JSON Web Tokens.

Why use Bifröst?

Tools like ActionCable seamlessly integrate websockets into your web framework but can put stress on your web servers and consume a lot of memory, making your application harder to deploy and scale.

Crystal delivers blazing fast performance with minimal memory footprint so Bifröst can handle thousands of websocket connections on a tiny VPS or hobby dyno on heroku.

Today we have reached a milestone, Amber hits 1k+ stars

Last year around this time the Amber project was in its inception and far from being something usable, today we have reached a milestone, Amber hit the 1k stars milestone :tada: :sparkles: :fire: :clap: And I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of the Amber team, thank you for supporting and making this project possible, our work heavily is inspired and movitated by the Crystal community culture and approaches to solve problems, Amber would have not been possible without your contributions, and for that we will be always thankful :raised_hands: