Extremely fast URL shortener / to.click

Dear friends,

I’m glad to share with you we launched link management hub (not just a shortener, that’s important) written in Crystal. We would like to make sure that widely used services is fast and reliable enough, so we decided to use Crystal lang. The very first question was what to start with, there’re two popular frameworks named Kemal and Amber but both of them seemed too heavy for the task, so the first thing we did was a try to use low level functions to build routes and handle requests, it worked but seemed ugly so we decided to migrate to router.cr as a quite light weight solution that fits our needs. Nevertheless Crystal is not in production stage it's stable enough, we faced several issues with DB but all was solved quite easily.

You can use public space https://to.click to just a shorten link and get a publicly available stats as Google does. Or sign up to hub where you can absolutely for free:

  • create custom links
  • get high QPS up to 20 000 RPM
  • edit already created links
  • create links for different platforms aka targeting
  • create deep links
  • get privately accessed statistics, including
  • - traffic source
  • - platforms
  • - sharing (any bots like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc)
  • - languages
  • - countries (cities will be available soon)

Also we have a publicly available Telegram bot http://clc.to/bot and Slack app will be released soon.

Please reach us at support@to.click. We hope you enjoy the service.

Play-Crystal: emacs to https://play.crystal-lang.org integration

Emacs package that allows you to use https://play.crystal-lang.org resource without exiting your favorite Emacs.