Dead simple HTML form builder with built-in support for many popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap

Dead simple HTML form builder for Crystal with built-in support for many popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap. Works well with your favourite Crystal web framework such as Kemal, Amber, or Lucky.

form_html_str = FormBuilder.form(theme: :bootstrap_4_vertical, action: "/products", method: :post, form_html: {style: "margin-top: 20px;", "data-foo" => "bar"}) do |f|
  f << f.field(name: "name", type: :text, label: "Name")
  f << f.field(name: "sku", type: :text, label: "SKU")
  f << "<strong>Hello World</strong>"
end 0.1.0

A general-purpose HCL (Hashicorp Configuration Language) parser. Support for basic types such as configuration blocks, primitives, and list values. Does not yet support heredocs, functions, or automatic interpolation / referencing other values.

There is not currently a spec for what HCL "is" outside of tools like Terraform, so there will likely be some pragmatic choices made in the spirit of keeping things general-purpose. (e.g. will likely not validate for specific block types, etc.)

Lucky 0.13 is out with lots of improvements and enhancements

I'm really excited and proud to announce Lucky 0.13

Check out this tweet storm for details and screenshots:

View the upgrade notes here:

Check out to get started

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. I love hearing from the community!

Ported fast-ruby project to fast-crystal

Just finished porting most of the benchmarks from to About 90% ported, minus some stuff that doesn't really apply to Crystal.

I did this while learning Crystal, as an exercise to dive deeper into various aspects of the superb Crystal language. Hope this helps someone as they are learning crystal and coming over from Ruby ( and other languages)