Term::Reader - Pure Crystal Readline implementation

Well that's the best way I can describe it anyway. In reality, Term::Reader makes no attempt to be like GNU Readline other than the obvious similarities between the two. What it does provide is a cross platform (minus Windows of course) way to receive user input, manage history, and more.

For now you can check it out here, but I do plan on either making a video or writing a full blog post about it later this week.

Lucky 0.19 released! Enhanced performance, new change tracking API, and other enhancements.

https://luckyframework.org/blog/lucky-0_19-release This release has a number of bug fixes, doc improvements, and enhancements. No breaking changes so this upgrade should be quite simple!

  • New changed? that makes it easy to audit and perform actions when database columns change
  • Gzip assets by default in production
  • Gzip text responses
  • And lots more in the changelog mentioned in the blog post