Shield v0.4.0 Presents RFC 6750 Bearer Logins (API Tokens)

Shield is a comprehensive security solution for Lucky framework. It features robust authentication and authorization, including user registrations, logins and logouts, password resets and more.

Version 0.4.0 enables authentication via access tokens, per RFC 6750. Any registered user may create bearer logins, and delegate some or all of their rights to them in the form of scopes...

Ourcraft: CLI tool for hosting and managing a Minecraft server

  • Agnostic to the Minecraft version: Run any Minecraft version or any variant of the server. Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, Forge... you name it.
  • Built-in Java version management: Use the Java version that better works with your setup.
  • Backups: Provided by the fantastic Restic.
  • Run as a service: Ourcraft can configure the required Systemd service definition for you.
  • Easy: Just give it a try!